Alone or together, Beginners or Enthusiasts…

The Sestriere Ski School is ready to satisfy all requests by combining technical lessons and fun in the vast area of ​​the Via Lattea.

The experience and the passion accumulated in the 70 ‘years since its birth allow the 160 teachers to work with passion and make learning easy for everyone thanks to the knowledge of the latest techniques and the facilities available to them.

The morphology of our mountains allows us to work on wide slopes with an ideal slope progression favorable to optimize the learning of the three levels of the Italian Ski: bronze, silver gold.

To encourage the learning of adult beginners, a large skiable area with an ideal slope is used, near the ski school, served by a conveyor belt of about 200 meters.

For children who start a tailor-made school camp, with various technical training devices, equipped with silhouettes and obstacles, to make them set and bring them closer to the wonderful world of skiing, playing and having fun.

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